2018 Manifesto


On 3rd May you will have a new council. 
We want that council to be a Liberal Democrat council

We are proud to publish an ambitious manifesto for change in the borough.  We want to sweep away the culture of secrecy and superiority which has been the hallmark of the Conservative administration for the last 8 years. We want to make sure that this is a borough which is affordable for all, not just the wealthy. We want to make this a borough which is fairer for all, a borough which doesn't balance its books on the backs of its poorest residents. We want to make this a safer borough, taking steps to tackle the rise in crime which has seen this borough dropping down the league table of safest boroughs since 2010.


Download the Lib Dem manifesto


Above all we want to be a force for change. Over the last eight years the Conservatives have become complacent; they've used their majority on the council to force through unpopular schemes such as their plans for Twickenham Riverside,  to make the poorest households in the borough pay more for services and to promote their pet schemes such as the ineffectual Village Planning Process.  This would end under the Liberal Democrats.

A Liberal Democrat administration would work with local residents to deliver the change they want in their neighbourhoods. We will work to make sure every resident is treated with fairness and respect. We will work with our communities to make them safer and we will strain every sinew to make our green borough even greener by taking robust action to tackle the scourge of air pollution, to raise our flatlining recycling rates, fighting against the Conservative plans to expand Heathrow and to encourage sustainable modes of transport.

And we will be unashamedly the party of Remain. Our borough voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. It is only right that your local council should support that decision.

Change is needed in Richmond. On May 3rd only the Liberal Democrats can deliver that change.  For a better borough Vote Liberal Democrat. 

Download the Lib Dem Manifesto
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