A safer borough


When Liberal Democrats ran the borough, Richmond Upon Thames was the safest borough in London

We will work with residents and community policing teams to set clear strategies to deal with hot spot crime areas

We will work with the police and community to help tackle scams, online fraud, Licensing & alcohol issues

We will help support local schools, parents and children by funding a social media antibullying strategy to help tackle suicide in younger people

We will promote more mental health support signage around train stations, busy roads and bridges and support more local groups

We will tackle moped crime by including a specific page on the council website to report moped

We will lighten dark walkway areas and alleyways with environment friendly low-level lighting by 2022 - we will also include an area on the website to report areas that feel intimidating

We will strengthen expand and build on our community policing model by actively increasing the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and the Police Volunteer base, aiding community policing making neighbourhoods safer and harmonious places.

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