STOP the bee-killing insecticides

While a US court just ruled in favour of the bees and against be-killing pesticides with sulfoxaflor, the EU approved that same deadly chemical this summer: This Dow Chemical insecticide that is killing the bees should never have been approved. 

bee buzzing around the myer lemon

And to top it all off EU legislators rubber-stamped the new insecticide using flawed data from Dow itself., a world-wide movement for a better global economy, reports.

Up until now, the EU has been a trailblazer when it comes to protecting the bees - they were the first to put in place a two year ban on neonics. That's why the EU must renew its leadership and ban ALL neonics.

To date over 299,000 have signed the petition to call on the EU Commission to revoke its approval of Dow's bee-killing sulfoxaflor? The neonicotinoids (neuro-active insecticides) aren't just decimating bee colonies -- they're hurting birds too.

Will you sign the ban sulfoxaflor petition as well?

SumOfUs have been right at the front of the global campaign to save our bees. Tens of thousands from the SumOfUs community took action against Bayer at a huge independent garden store show in Chicago, where the German chemical maker was out in force, and got Lowe's -- ranked #50 on the Fortune 500 list and one of the biggest garden retailers in the world -- to stop selling bee-killing insecticides.

Evidence against the neurotoxins is piling up -- but huge corporations like Dow Chemicals and Bayer are stepping up their game as well: Just this summer Bayer's lobbying efforts made the UK government suspend an EU-wide ban of neonics where the pesticide, unlike contact pesticides which remain on the surface of the treated foliage, are taken up by the plant and transported to all the tissues (leaves, flowers, roots and stems, as well as pollen and nectar).


The Guardian reported that the government gagged its own pesticide advisers, after they refused to back an application by the National Farmers Union to lift a ban on the bee-harming chemicals so the neonicotinoids could be used on oil seed rape. The gag was intended to prevent campaigners lobbying ministers on the issue. Prime minister David Cameron defended the move. “We should follow the science,” he said.

If we want to save the bees, we need to keep on standing up for them tell the EU Commission to revoke its approval of new bee-killing insecticide! Together we can turn things around for the bees, before it's too late.

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