#BTTF: Susan Kramer in 2008 talking about No 3rd Runway

Back to the Future: Seven years ago, on Saturday 29 November 2008, Susan Kramer (then MP of Richmond Park) and John Stewart of HACAN at a cross party anti Heathrow demonstration in Lampton Park, Hounslow.

In the interview below Baroness Kramer said the government of the day (Labour) was "totally stubborn" adding that she was there "to represent a whole lot of MPs, Liberal Democrat MPs ... Conservative MPs and Labour MPs."

Baroness Kramer went on to: "inform the government that we are not going away, we are staying here ... if they think we are going away they are so wrong. You know there is going to be a major legal challenge."

Cameron just did the inevitable Back To The Future joke: "Corbyn should get in his DeLorean, go back to 1985". Well the Prime Minister ought to get into his DeLorean and go back in time to when he said: "We have only days to save Heathrow, no ifs, no ands, no buts."

In 2008 Susan Kramer said her "message to the primer minister was that he is responsible for thinking the big picture; climate change ...". Seven years on she has indeed been proved right: The government of the day is still stubborn, the protesters have not gone away, and there will be a legal challenge if Heathrow gets the nod from Osborne and Cameron.


MOV03175 - Say NO to the 3rd Runway at Heathrow

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