Climate Change March Sunday November 29th, 12 midday

People across the world are coming together to hit the streets on the last weekend of November -- hours before the most important climate summit this decade in Paris! Avaaz are looking to pull off the biggest climate march the world has ever seen.

Mike Baillie from Avaaz said: "A march so massive that it goes down in history books. A march so inspiring that it electrifies our leaders to sign a climate deal that steers us away from climate catastrophe.

"Momentum is building and plans are well underway -- now we need EVERYONE to join!"

The People’s Climate March in September 2014 which coincided with the UN climate change summit in New York was, without any doubt, a game-changer. Nearly 700,000 people took to the streets, by far the largest climate mobilisation ever.

The marches were hopeful, positive, inclusive. Thousands of organisations, from environmental activists to faith groups to labour unions, came together, showing that climate change is no longer a ‘green’ issue, it’s an everyone issue now. Amazingly, around the world, not a single person was arrested.


The UN climate summit in Paris this December will be the biggest global climate summit this decade. This is a moment to seize and build on the momentum. A powerful way to do that would be for the entire world, for the first time, to agree to the goal of a decarbonised global economy powered by clean energy, accelerating the energy transition that is already underway.

When: Sunday November 29th, 12 midday
Where: Park Lane, London (Google map and directions)

Click here to join the People’s March for Climate in London and get more information from the Avaaz website.

More Information: 

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