The Conservatives proposal for a dementia tax

One of the most thoughtless and heartless ideas of this election is the Conservatives proposal for a dementia tax. Removing the limit (cap) on what people have to pay for social care.

If you are unfortunate enough to have Parkinson's or Alzheimer's requiring a lot of expensive care, you could be forced to use the value of your home, penalising you and your children.

Just four days after the Conservative manifesto scrapped free meals for infants and raised social care costs, Theresa May claimed to have done a U-turn but will explain (more fully) what this amounts to after June 8th.

When the Liberal Democrats were in government we helped fixed a cap at £72, 000, and that is the way to proceed. That is why we need to have more Liberal Democrats in the coming parliament to provided and effective check and opposition to the Conservatives.



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