Council Shamed in to Cleaning Filthy Pavements


The Tories on Richmond Council have been shamed by Lib Dem activists into finally taking action to clean up the borough's filthy pavements.

Since coming to power in 2010 the Conservatives have consistently refused to clean the borough's pavements in spite of the fact that they lavished millions of pounds of taxpayers money on installing expensive York Stone.

Lib Dem Transport spokesperson Cllr Alex Ehmann commented "For the Tories to spend millions on York Stone pavements and then fail to maintain them is the equivalent of buying a Lamborghini and leaving it out in the rain to rust and rot. We warned them time and again that unless they had a proper maintenance plan in place then they would soon become shabby and unattractive. The Tories refused to listen and now are being forced to act."

Amusingly, the Tories have sought to blame grimy pavements on the warm summer. Their press release claims "Any surface dirt will naturally wash away in periods of rain but the Council is conscious that there have been greater and extended periods of drier weather this year."  How then do they explain that their filthy pavements were the subject of a story in the Richmond and Twickenham Times as far back as June 2015?

Cllr Ehmann added "The Tories realise that unless they do something now then they'll go into the council elections next year with a real problem on their hands. Fortunately borough residents are a bit smarter than that and will recognise this for the cynical, face-saving exercise it really is."

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