Your Richmond Councillors

Across Richmond Borough, Liberal Democrats are delivering for local residents. Use the map and links below to find out more about your local team

East Sheen ward Hampton ward Teddington ward Hampton North ward West Twickenham ward Fulwell & Hampton Hill ward HPRR ward South Twickenham ward Kew ward North Richmond ward Mortlake & Barnes Common ward South Richmond ward Heathfield ward St Margaret's & North Twickenham ward Hampton wick ward Whitton ward Twickenham Riverside ward Barnes ward

For the Liberal Democrats, local government is key – localism, community politics, and a real commitment to devolved power are all hallmarks of the Liberal Democrat approach. We pride ourselves on working hard “all year round, not just at election time”.

The Liberal Democrats have 39 of 54 Councillors on Richmond Council, please find their contact details below.

The Greens have four seats and the Conservatives 11 seats with only Barnes ward having all three councillors. For the rest of the borough every ward has at least one Liberal Democrat representative

* As soon as the new councillors have their emails they will be included. In the meantime you can contact them via the team page by clicking on the map or the ward heading

East Sheen

GAIN Cllr Mona Adams - 

Fulwell and Hampton Hill

Cllr Jonathan Cardy -
Cllr Matthew Hull -  

Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside

Cllr Penny Frost -
GAIN Cllr Gareth Richards 


Cllr Suzette Nicholson -
Cllr Gareth Roberts -
GAIN Cllr Geraint Thomason - 

Hampton North

GAIN Cllr Avril Coelho - 

Hampton Wick

Cllr Robin Brown - 
GAIN Cllr Jim Millard -


Cllr John Coombs -
GAIN Cllr Lesley Pollesche -
GAIN Cllr Michael Wilson -


GAIN Cllr J-F Burford -
GAIN Cllr Lotte Campanale -
GAIN Cllr Ian Craigie -

Mortlake & Barnes Common

GAIN Cllr Alice Bridges-Westcott - 

North Richmond

GAIN Cllr Nancy Baldwin -
GAIN Cllr Richard Pyne -
GAIN Cllr Richard Warren -

South Richmond

GAIN Cllr Bill Newton Dunn - 

South Twickenham

GAIN Cllr Michael Butlin -
GAIN Cllr Katie Mansfield - 

St Margaret's & North Twickenham

Cllr Geoff Acton -
Cllr Alexander Ehmann -
Cllr Ben Khosa -


Cllr Martin Elegorn -
GAIN Cllr Richard Baker -
GAIN Cllr Tim Woodcock -

Twickenham Riverside

GAIN Cllr James Chard -
GAIN Cllr Roger Crouch -
GAIN Cllr Julia Neden-Watts -

West Twickenham

Cllr Piers Allen -
Cllr Helen Lee-Parsons -
GAIN Cllr Alan Juriansz - 


GAIN Cllr Jo Humphreys -
Cllr Liz Jaeger -
GAIN Cllr Rob O`Carroll -


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