Lib Dem Councillors call for review of David Lloyd Site for Turing House School

The Lib Dem Leader of the Council has asked council officers to produce an urgent report into the possible use of the Uxbridge Road site for the permanent location of Turing House School. The report will outline any practical planning difficulties of the site and will share the report with residents and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the body responsible for the Turing relocation.

Cllr Michael Wilson, Heathfield Councillor, said “We promised residents that we would ask the council to fully investigate sites, other than Hospital Bridge Road, so that they can be properly considered or dismissed. This report is the first step toward giving residents the information that the previous Conservative Council refused to share despite concerns about the possible relocation.  It was clear from Council officers that the process with Hospital Bridge Road is much further on than we hoped, and it is disappointing that the previous Conservative council have left residents in the dark”.

Labour controlled Hounslow Council has recently given the Hospital Bridge Road site on a 125 year lease to the body responsible for delivering the school. ESFA are now in the process of appointing a builder to further develop the Hospital Bridge Road plans which are likely to be shared with the public over the coming weeks.

Cllr Jo Humphreys added, “We know how difficult the planning application will be for the Hospital Bridge Road site and we are deeply concerned that other sites have not been properly considered. Importantly, it has become clear that the ESFA does not have a plan B and there are significant planning barriers to both the Uxbridge Road and Hospital Bridge Road sites. We fully support this excellent school and believe the failure of the previous council to engage with residents’ concerns and to support proper exploration of other sites earlier will significantly impact the ability to find an alternative solution”.

Notes to readers: The Six Lib Dem Councillors from Whitton and Heathfield wards along with Councillor Leader-elect Cllr Gareth Roberts met with Paul Chadwick, Matthew Paul and Lucy Thatcher to discuss Turing House School relocation on May 21 2018.

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