Education funding is one of the biggest issues in this election – Vince Cable

Just days into the General Election campaign Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Twickenham, has declared that reductions in school funding is one of the biggest issues being raised across the constituency.

Vince Cable, the long standing former MP for Twickenham, who is seeking to make a return to Parliament said:

“All over the borough I am hearing from concerned parents, school governors and head teachers that our schools will soon be facing a dire situation in terms of their funding. Many of them are looking to reduce staff posts and make other changes which will affect the education of children.

“Parents at Stanley Primary School have even received a letter from the head teacher asking parents for financial assistance.

“When I was first elected in 1997 education funding was a key issue and it seems unless the Government back down over their disastrous plans for school funding the issue will be the dominant issue for many parents in this General Election.

“It is reported that Theresa May is facing calls from even within her own party to tear up the proposed school funding changes. It is vital that she does. It is simply a disgrace that any school is forced to ask parents to contribute to the core funding of a state school.”

"This funding formula is something I helped to block under the Coalition, but the Conservatives have allowed it back.

Every school should be able to plan ahead with certainty and ensure they have the resources to provide a quality education for every child.”

Please join my campaign to protect Twickenham's local schools. 

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