EU Citizens and Brexit


EU citizens are vital to our public services and to our local economy. They are our friends, our family and our neighbours. Lib Dems have a strong track record of standing up for the rights of EU citizens and of campaigning against Brexit. Sarah Olney voted against the triggering of Article 50 during her time as MP. Vince Cable MP has been leading the fight for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

A Liberal Democrat run council will put pressure on the government to ensure EU citizens’ rights

A Liberal Democrat controlled council will campaign with like-minded activists, MPs and councils to fight for a vote on the Brexit deal -to give residents a say on the final Brexit negotiations

A number of Lib Dem candidates for this council election are EU nationals. Should they be elected we will ensure that they are the voice of EU citizens on the council and work with them to invest in strategies to both mitigate the effects of Brexit on our borough and protect the rights of EU citizens.

We are unashamedly pro European and pro EU

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