Government must publish air pollution report - Vince Cable

Vince Cable has backed the growing call for the government to publish a highly embarrassing report on air pollution before the election, claiming that the Government are only holding back releasing its “shaming” findings as it would become a major election issue.

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Twickenham in the forthcoming General Election said:

“Air pollution is one of the biggest health challenges in Britain today. The Conservatives have hidden the truth about their toxic policies. Increasingly air pollution is linked to a rise in asthma, COPD, heart conditions, and even recently to dementia. 

“It is a disgrace that the government wants to block a report which is expected to say that pollution is at dangerous levels in many of our cities and towns and is especially a serious issue in areas surrounding Heathrow.

“Claiming that publishing the report is not possible because it is the run up the General Election is a total nonsense.

“The Government have long known they have a legal obligation to publish its air quality plan. They should have done so a long time ago. Their attempt to defer publishing this report is inexcusable.

“Theresa May in particular has long known about the deadline for publishing this report. Sadly when she was enjoying the clean air of Snowdonia and decided to call a snap General Election she obviously decided that tackling air pollution for people in Twickenham and south west London was not a priority.”


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