Green Party stands aside for Lib Dem candidates in Twickenham and Richmond Park

Twickenham and Richmond Liberal Democrats have welcomed the announcement both seats in the borough will benefit from the Unite to Remain agreement at the forthcoming general election

Twickenham parliamentary candidate Munira Wilson and Richmond Park and North Kingston candidate Sarah Olney have been backed by Unite To Remain as the best choice for voters who want to stop Brexit. 

Green Party candidates Richard Bennett and Andree Frieze will now not contest the seats. This brave decision will allow the Lib Dems to unite the pro-remain vote and maximise the number of Remain MPs in the next parliament.

The alliance – Unite to Remain – sees an agreement between the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and Plaid Cymru, with candidates stepping aside in 60 seats across England and Wales. By making this arrangement with other pro-European parties, the Liberal Democrats are showing we will put the national interest above party politics to deliver Remain.

Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Twickenham said: “My sincere thanks go to Richard Bennett as he puts aside his own campaign in support of the ultimate goal we’re all seeking – to stay in the EU.  Residents in Twickenham, Teddington, St Margarets, the Hamptons and Whitton will now have a clear choice on 12 December: vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit and build a brighter future, or vote for a disastrous Tory Brexit

"We also thank all the candidates in London and elsewhere in England and Wales who have generously agreed to stand aside in other seats affected by the Unite to Remain arrangements.

Sarah Olney, who was elected as Richmond Park and North Kingston MP in a by election in 2016 when the Green Party also stood down, also welcomed the agreement.

Sarah, who is fighting to overturn Brexit-backing Zac Goldsmith's tiny 45 vote majority from the 2017 snap election, said: “We can oust Tory Brexit-supporting MPs and prevent Boris Johnson winning a majority.” 

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