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November 2018 Heathfield Lib Dem update
● The Mayor unveiled a new sculpture by Art & Design student Aleksandra Piechocinska as part of the new sensory trail on the Dementia friendly Rec.
1) Turing House School - ESFA finally submit a planning application on Hospital Bridge Road
The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and Turing House School have finally submitted plans to build Turing House School in Whitton.
The Teddington based school is hoping to build on land recently leased by Labour controlled Hounslow Council to the ESFA. Despite dragging on for nearly four years, plans have now finally been submitted and residents will have a chance to have their say.
ESFA not listening
Cllr John Coombs said, “We have pushed the ESFA to explore alternative sites but they were not interested. We have also commissioned an independent report into the David Lloyd site which is where we favoured whilst in opposition to the previous council”.
The independent report suggests the site is not appropriate for development. However this is based on incomplete information and assumptions which would need to be challenged in order for it to be ruled out 100%.
Cllr Michael Wilson said, “We had hoped the report would help identify a possible alternative site but based on the information used to compile the report it doesn’t help with a plan B. However we have finally shone a light on how the previous Conservative council helped with the site selection, their preference for the Hospital Bridge Road site and the secrecy around the process”.
Following on from the Turing exhibition in July, the new plans submitted for the Bridge Farm site include some open space and a second entrance to the school on Heathfield Rec. Your local councillors remain very concerned about the proposals and we urge residents to have a say on the planning application. For more details about the planning application please visit: www.richmond.gov.uk/planning or goo.gl/MiPYq4
2) Have your say on local bus issues (H22 & 110 link to consultation here)
Transport for London have now opened their consultation on possible bus changes to the H22 and the 110 bus services.
TfL are proposing that the 110 would go to Hammersmith via Whitton High Street, St Margaret’s and Richmond. The H22 would terminate at Twickenham Station.
Changes needed
Cllr Michael Wilson said, “We welcome the new possible link to Whitton High Street although we are concerned about the low frequency (4 an hour) of such a long service although we believe the proposals need changes. We would like to see the 110 start at West Middlesex Hospital. Importantly the frequency must be increased otherwise proposals shouldn’t go ahead”.
The new bus hopper ticket will allow people to transfer on to the H22 and 281 to get to Twickenham without additional cost although your Lib Dem councillors would like to see the bus go into Twickenham via the station.
Cllr Lesley Pollesche added, “The Lib Dems also believe that if the changes go ahead TfL will need to examine the last bus time of the 481 service as people are left rushing for the last bus before visiting time finishes”.
RESPOND to the consultation here
3) Friends of Heahtfield Rec (Note for your diary - Monday 19th November)
We’re sure you have noticed a few changes to our Rec over the last few years and may have noticed a large chair has appeared on it recently.  Many residents must be wondering what is going on; you may have heard it’s become a dementia friendly space but what does that mean?  Should Turing House School be built next door to the Rec will its uses change?

Across many of our Boroughs’ open spaces ‘friends’ groups are involved in ensuring they thrive and reflect the wishes of the local community.  Murray Park in Whitton has such a group which has been instrumental in improvements taking place there.  However, there is one large open space without such a group: Heathfield Rec.

Your local councillors are working with the local environment group SWELN (who help set up and helps friends groups across the Boroughs’ open spaces) to start one for our Rec.  They have arranged a meeting for 19th November at 7.30pm in Heathfield Infants School Hall.  We hope as many of you who use the Rec will come along and find out how a friends group will ensure the Rec’s future is in the interests of our local community.  Your councillors will be there and look forward to meeting lots of users.

If you can’t make the meeting but would like to sign up for email updates please visit http://e-voice.org.uk/friends-of-heathfield-rec/ or contact Lesley Pollesche for more information.


4) Hounslow Heath Estate street surgery (Note for your diary - Sunday 18th November)
On Sunday 18 November your three ward councillors will be on the Hounslow Heath estate to listen to any concerns residents may have. We will be at the Community Centre between 2pm and 4pm to meet with local people.
You don't need an appointment. Just turn up.
We'll be here to listen concerns or issues you would like to raise about the local community or the facilities on the estate. Although we are not responsible for housing we will be happy to pick these issues up and help raise them with your housing provider.
We also want to share with you details of Housing Tenants Champion - Cllr Jim Millard. The Tenants’ Champion supports tenants and leaseholders who rent or lease their property from a Housing Association in the Borough. You can contact them via https://www.richmond.gov.uk/Tenants_champion
We also want to help restart a residents association on the estate - but this needs to be driven by local residents. If you are interested in helping or being a participant please come and see us or get in touch with us. Our contact details are above.
We really want to hear from you - so get in touch with us and better still, come and see us.
5) Community Conversation (Note for your dairy - Thursday 29th November)
The first local Community Conversation event will take place on November 29th at Whitton Community Centre.
Cllr Michael Wilson said, “We are developing a new programme of community engagement where residents are given the opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with the council. As part of this, we have committed to hosting regular meetings in each area across the borough.
The Community Conversation is a series of events, hosted by local ward councillors, with a cabinet member representative at each event. Residents can attend their nearest event and have their say about local council services and issues that matter to them.
All meetings will start at 6.30pm with an exhibition on the current borough-wide 20mph consultation and a chance to discuss the proposals with the Cabinet Member for Transport, Streetscene and Air Quality and Assistant Director of Highways.
Cllr Lesley Pollesche added “The ‘Conversation’ will start at 7pm. The first part of the discussion will discuss Council proposals on introducing 20mph across the borough. Following this there will be a period of time allocated to pre-submitted questions regarding any other ward issues. There will also be an open floor discussion on any other topics”.
If you would like to submit a question in advance of the meeting, please email [email protected]
6) Help make our roads safer and our air cleaner
The Liberal Democrats are a step closer to delivering a key election promise to deliver safer roads and cleaner air.
The proposed 20 mph limit is now subject to public consultation that will close just before Christmas. This is also a commitment to be a listening council despite the proposal being in the Lib Dem election manifesto.
Cllr John Coombs said, “While in office, the Conservatives made it difficult for residents to implement safer speed limits on residential roads and so we’re trying to address issues around road safety and air pollution in the most cost effective way possible”.
Although we have some 20mph zones already locally such as the Wykeham estate, a number or residents have tried to get lower speed limits but have been frustrated by the process including in Conway Road. We also regularly see speeding on Percy Road and Hospital Bridge Road.
The proposal which is the subject of the consultation envisages all borough roads, except the A316 and A205, coming under the new and safer speed limit.
Cllr Lesley Pollesche said, “Evidence shows that a 20 mph limit on our roads would reduce the number and severity of accidents, create an environment more conducive to walking and cycling, improve air quality and reduce the need for other traffic calming measures. It would also make link better with Hounslow Borough who have already reduced their speed limits”.
Cllr Michael Wilson added, “We want to get this right. That is why our proposal is out for consultation until December 21, and why we will listen to the feedback and help shape any final proposal to make our roads safer and our air cleaner”.
For details and to take part visit the Council website www.richmond.gov.uk or visit the shortened link bit.ly/2PMvTua
7) We need more police on our streets (Note for diary - Thursday 6th December)
Residents are getting more and more concerned about the rising levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.
Although one of the safest Borough’s in London, there has been a worrying increase in certain types of crime.
Cllr Lesley Pollesche said, “Over the last few years we have seen cuts to community policing which means that people don’t always see the police out and about on the streets, but it is clear people want to see more investment after years of Conservative cuts to policing”.
The Liberal Democrat’s want to increase community policing in England and Wales by giving an additional £300m a year to local police forces to reverse the increase in violent crime, boost community confidence and increase the flow of community intelligence.
Next local ward police meeting: St James & St Philips Church, Whitton on December 6th 7:30pm. All residents welcome to raise issues and help set local policing priorities.

8) Roads and Pavements
Pavements in Jubliee Avenue have been repaired as part of the council’s new and fairer approach to fixing pavements. Cllr John Coombs said, “In the past, the people who shouted loudest ended up having pavements repaired. Now it is based on need. In the last few months we’ve seen repairs on Ellerman Avenue also”. There is also gas replacement work taking place by Cadent and their sub-contractors and a number of pavements are being dug up. We are also aware that some of this work is being delayed, rescheduled and delayed again. Your local councillors are looking into this.
9) Whitton CPZ update
The data from the recently closed consultation is being analysed by the community engagement team. Cllr Michael Wilson said, “A proposal will then be shared with local people and residents will have a chance to feedback on the overall scheme. If you have any questions do get in touch”.
Finally, we hold our surgery on the first Saturday of the month in Whitton High Street - we were there on Saturday 3rd November and we will be there again on Saturday 1st December. if you would like to see us or speak to us please do visit us. Alternatively you can always email or call us at any point - we’d love to hear from you.
Best wishes
John, Lesley and Michael
Heathfield Lib Dems
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Lesley - [email protected] - 07722 361 794
Michael - [email protected] - 020 8755 1901
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