Lib Dems respond to Tories latest Twickenham Riverside Proposals

Richmond and Twickenham Liberal Democrats will not take the latest Twickenham Riverside proposals currently being consulted on by Richmond Council forward if we take control of the council in 2018.

Speaking after the final scheme was unveiled the Leader of the Liberal Democrat council group, Cllr Gareth Roberts, said

“These final proposals leave a lot to be desired and once again fail to reflect the aspirations local residents have for the site; aspirations which they have made clear in successive consultations.

The biggest failing is that the brief doesn’t address the problem of parking on Twickenham Embankment. While the parking remains this site will be little more than an overdeveloped traffic island.  Local residents want to see parking removed from Twickenham Embankment and a Liberal Democrat administration would seek to deliver that.”

Cllr Roberts continued, “In addition to the parking we have real concerns regarding the scale of the development. The Tories came to power in 2010 promising that they would say no to ‘tower blocks of luxury flats’ on Twickenham Riverside yet this is precisely what they are proposing to build. It is a complete betrayal of the people who voted for them.

For the last few years the Tories have wasted thousands upon thousands of pounds consulting on plans which a three year old could see were completely unsuitable and have finally plumped for this underwhelming, over-developed design.  A new Liberal Democrat administration would take note of the results of the various consultations and would seek to work with local groups to deliver a riverside which will genuinely be a new heart for Twickenham.”

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