Lord True treats campaigners with contempt

Leader of Richmond Council, Lord True, was criticised for treating Twickenham Riverside campaigners with contempt at Tuesday’s meeting of full council.


Asked by the leader of the Liberal Democrat group, Cllr Gareth Roberts, whether he would like to congratulate the Riverside Action Group for organising a public event which acted as a showcase for various design proposals for the controversial Riverside site, Lord True’s answer was a simple ‘No’.

When pressed on the matter and asked if he or a representative of the administration would be attending the public meeting called to by the Riverside Action Group his response was also negative. Speaking after the council meeting Cllr Roberts said, ‘It’s becoming abundantly clear that Cllr True really doesn’t give a damn about the opinions of local residents when it comes to Twickenham Riverside. You’d have thought he’d have learned his lesson over the Gloriana debacle yet clearly he hasn’t.

The contempt he has for anybody who dares to question his grand vision is all too clear and residents will certainly remember his attitude when they come to cast their votes for the council in 2018.”

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