Thanks to our voters there was an amazing swing to the Liberal Democrats on 3rd May 2018. There is now at least one Lib Dem councillor in Richmond Borough in all but Barnes ward.

As promised, we we will now strive to make sure that Richmond is the greenest, safest and fairest borough in London.

We’ll tackle town hall secrecy and put an end to ‘lip service’ consultations. We will bring economic competency to the borough, and end the eight years of Conservative unfairness. We will ensure that developers pay their way and are not left to get away without paying community infrastructure levies.

We will continue to fight the Conservative Government’s plan to impose unwanted and unpopular expansion at Heathrow Airport. We will do whatever we can to protect the rights of EU citizens during this time of Brexit uncertainty and work with our Liberal Democrat colleagues in Parliament fighting to give people a say on any deal, a people's vote. Above all we will do what the Conservatives have failed to do for the last eight years and that is to listen to, and act on, the concerns of borough residents.

We will halt the unpopular Conservative plans for Twickenham Riverside pending reports from the Environment Agency and the planning inspectorate. We will work with residents to deliver a better scheme which will be a real heart for Twickenham.

The Liberal Democrat-run council will be a council that you and we all can be proud of:

Better local schools

Working collaboratively with local primary and secondary schools and opposing Conservative Government funding cuts.

A safer and greener Borough

Putting the environment back at the heart of local decision-making. Work with local residents to deliver 20mph speed limits everywhere (barring A406, A205 and A316). Fighting Conservative plans for Heathrow expansion.

Fairer finances for all

Investing council tax in good local services while protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

An affordable Borough for all

Under the Conservatives, our children have been priced out of local housing and childcare. We’re fighting against a UKIP style Brexit that will hurt jobs, local business and local people. We will be campaigning for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

Tackling town hall secrecy

Making sure residents have a real say over the decisions that impact upon them and their community.

  Our Manifesto  




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