Negative response to Tories' latest Twickenham Riverside proposals

The Conservatives have been dealt a blow in their plans to develop Twickenham Riverside as the latest consultation results show Twickenham residents don’t like what they’re being offered.

The consultation was intended to gain approval for plans which have been developed through various consultations over the last eight years and which have cost the council tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. Approval was not forthcoming.

Leader of the Lib Dems, Cllr Gareth Roberts said “The Tories are trying to put the best gloss on the consultation results but they can’t possibly address all of these issues before they submit their planning application in October. A clear majority of people don’t like the appearance of proposed development whether viewed from the Diamond Jubilee Gardens, from Water Lane or viewed from the shared surface lane behind King Street.”

Cllr Roberts continued “However where the Tories are really going to run into trouble is in their plans to keep the parking on the Embankment. A massive majority of residents opposed the proposed parking arrangements with 298 respondents against and just 97 in favour.  Now the Tories are trying to weasel out of their self-dug hole by claiming that the embankment doesn’t form part of the planning application site – a site which they themselves have defined.  It is total folly to take this approach. Either the riverside between Water Lane and Wharf Lane is considered in its entirety or it isn’t. It is folly to do otherwise”

“With council elections just around the corner in 2018 local residents are now being faced with an increasingly clear choice; The Conservatives and their dull plan to retain parking on the riverside or the Lib Dems and their vision for a riverside park in Twickenham”


You can find the council's consultation report by following this LINK

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