Peter’s flower stall must be given time to find new location in Twickenham – Vince Cable

The owners of the much valued Peter’s flower stall outside Twickenham station should not be driven off Twickenham high street is the clear message that Vince Cable has sent to both Richmond Council and to the developers of Twickenham station.


At present the longstanding flower stall business is threatened due to the company Solum, who are the developers of Twickenham train station, giving the owner of the flower staff sudden notice only last Wednesday that the stall can no longer operate from its current location from this coming Friday.

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Twickenham, has already intervened on the behalf of the flower stall owner, contacting both Richmond Council and the company Solum.

Vince Cable is urging Solum to give Peter’s flower stall greater time to find an alternative location and has suggested to Richmond Council that an alternative location on Twickenham high street is offered to Peter’s flower stall, such as the apparent licenced space for a trader next to Waitrose.

Vince Cable said:

“This is a much valued flower stall, which I have personally used many times. It is these type of long standing businesses which make Twickenham such a special place.

“No one should be given just six working days’ notice that their business has to stop trading. That is blatantly unfair for any trader.”

“If Network Rail, Solum and Richmond Council simply show a bit of a common sense a much valued Twickenham business could be saved.”

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