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Disappointing news from the Lords:  On October 27th they narrowly voted to reject a motion to stop 1.9m people being deleted from the voting register in December. The government will now go ahead with changes that will disenfranchise voters across the country before elections in May.

Because the new register will be used to calculate constituency boundaries for the next general election, these changes could skew the political landscape of the UK for years to come. Areas with lots of voters who haven’t been transferred to the new register will get fewer seats in Parliament.

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More than 1 million voters have already dropped off the UK electoral register and 1.9 million people could follow in December 2015. Changing social values and some small but well-documented cases of electoral fraud generated a case for individual voter registration, from he previous 'head of household' voter registration.

The individual electoral registration voting may be a good idea but the way it has been introduced been a disaster. Voters whose existing details cannot be confirmed by data matching with a single Department for Work and Pensions database of national insurance numbers, have to provide additional forms of identification. 

Voters on the register, but not data matched, that were able to vote in the 2015 general election will be removed from the register if they have not provided extra information by December 2015.


Around 400,000 names are predicted to be deleted from the list in London alone, and disproportionately in poorer, more densely populated areas – just five months before the mayoral election.

That’s why LibDems are working with other campaigns to get as many people on the voting register before December. Every voter registered is one more person the government can’t delete. You can help! You can now register to vote online.

Please tell anyone you know who might not be registered to register now. 

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