Sarah Olney Appointed Chief of Staff

Richmond Park Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that Sarah Olney, by-election victor and former MP for Richmond Park, has been appointed as Chief of Staff to Vince Cable.

This is an incredible opportunity for Sarah, but sadly for us locally, this means that Sarah will be stepping down as our parliamentary candidate, but she will still be very much involved in politics and will no doubt do brilliantly in her new role.


Sarah said, "I am looking forward to getting started, and am deeply grateful to the voters and Lib Dem members of Richmond Park and North Kingston for the opportunities they afforded me. I look forward to supporting whoever succeeds me as parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable said, "I  absolutely delighted to have Sarah working along side me. She is a great talent and a big asset to the party."

J-F Burford, Local Party Chair said, "We are very proud of Sarah and we are all looking forward to supporting her in her new role. I'm pleased to see that she is still heavily involved in politics. Sarah is an asset to our party, to our local party and no doubt to Vince Cable in his role as Leader. Vince and Sarah will make a formidable team."



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