Snouts in the Trough

Questioning by Lib Dem councillors reveals a disgraceful stampede by Richmond's Tory councillors to get free rugby perks for them and their families.

The Tories on Richmond Council have bowed to pressure from the Liberal Democrat opposition and have published details of how 50 VIP Rugby World Cup tickets donated to the council will be allocated.


Rather than use this once in a lifetime opportunity to recognise and reward some of those local residents who give unsung service to the borough or to give a treat to the borough's looked after children, the Tories have instead decided to keep 27 of the allocated tickets so they can enjoy a perk which is beyond the reach of most people. Not only that but they’ve decided to give their partners freebies into the bargain.

Leader of the Opposition Cllr Gareth Roberts said “Of course it’s right that the Mayor or Deputy Mayor should represent the borough at these matches; that is their role. However it is completely outrageous that the Tories should not only snaffle these tickets for themselves but that they should also get a nice little perk for their partners! If the Tories had any taste they would have thought about how they could have used this opportunity to reward residents who volunteer their time to make this a better borough or to have used the tickets to give a treat to some of the borough's looked after children. Instead, at the first sign of a freebie, they stampeded to the trough.

Cllr Roberts added “The Tories would like residents to believe that the Lib Dems are boycotting the Rugby World Cup. This is tripe of the highest order, proven by the fact that some of our councillors will be attending matches using tickets that they’ve queued up for and paid for just like other residents.”

“The difference between us and the Tories is that we still support the view expressed by Cllr True when he turned down Olympic Tickets under similar circumstances claiming ‘I find the implied concept that there is a privileged ruling class in local government with rights to special treatment distasteful’.”

Who's going to what?


Date   Guest 1 Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4 Guest 5
(Fri) 18
Sept 2015
Eng. v 
Mayor Consort     Deputy Leader
(Sat) 19 Sept 2015   France v Italy Cllr Linnette Mrs Linnette CllrBlakemore   Cllr Butler
(Sat) 26 Sept 2015   Eng. v Wales Cllr Evans Mrs Evans      
(Sat) 3
Oct 2015
Eng. v Aus. Cllr Bond Mr Bond      
(Sat) 10
Oct 2015
Aus. v Wales Cllr Arbour Mrs Arbour      
(Sat) 17
Oct 2015
Quarter Final 1 Cllr Hodgins Mrs Hodgins   Cllr Curran Mr Curran
(Sun) 18
Oct 2015
Quarter Final 4 Deputy Mayor Consort Cllr Chappell Mr Chappell  
(Sat) 24
Oct 2015
Final 1
Cllr Speak Mrs Speak Cllr Porter Mrs Porter  
(Sun) 25
Oct 2015
Final 2
Cllr Marlow Cllr Boulton     Cllr Percival
(Sat) 31 Oct 2015 Final Leader LadyTrue CllrFleming    

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