Solidarity with refugees

London members who want to express solidarity with those caught up in the European refugee crisis and put pressure on the UK government to play a full role in helping may wish to join a rally in central London on Saturday 12th September. 


The rally is supported by Syria Solidarity Movement, the Refugee Council, Refugee Action and Amnesty International.


On September 14th, Theresa May will be attending a meeting of the EU's 28 member states for emergency talks on Europe’s escalating refugee crisis.

It is vital that she takes with her the conviction that the British people that she represents are open to helping refugees and that we can’t continue to allow thousands to die trying to reach the EU and their legal right to claim asylum.

We have to ensure that refugees can reach Europe safely. There needs to be either official safe transport provided, or if people could apply for asylum from outside the EU they would be able to enter by official routes.

We need to prioritise the fast processing of asylum claims from people from particularly dangerous regions, such as Syria.

We can’t allow any EU countries to close their borders or build fences. There needs to be Europe-wide consensus on providing help where it is so desperately needed, relieving pressure on the Mediterranean countries.

The rally is on September 12th at 12:00pm and starts at Marble Arch, Park Ln, London, W1H 7  

Please invite anyone and everyone! There will be a large banner leading the march, welcoming refugees.

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