Teddington & Ham Hydro Project

I thought that you might hear some welcome news. Some of you might recall that in April the long-planned Teddington & Ham Hydro scheme came to the Planning Committee of six Tory and three Lib Dem Councillors. 

The Chairman and the three Lib Dems voted for approval but the other five Tories declined to do so. However they were also unable to agree a reason for refusal. In the face of this impasse our lead Planning Councillor Martin Elengorn persuaded the Committee that a further report on noise be commissioned.

So a decision was delayed while a technical report was prepared and on evening of 16 September the scheme got approval from LeBRUT with a resounding 7 votes to 2.



Teddington & Ham Hydro is a planned renewable scheme based on the installation of three hydro power turbines on the River Thames at Teddington Weir. The Teddington & Ham Hydro team believes that we, as a community, should be taking local action to make a contribution towards combating climate change and generating decentralised renewable energy. The flow over Teddington Weir allows for the possibility of generating clean, renewable energy.

The clean, cost-efficient electricity from the hydropower installation will reduce carbon emissions locally and nationally, and the income generated will to used to promote and develop further low-carbon solutions in Teddington, Ham and surrounding areas.

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