Tories Back Lib Dem 20mph policy

Richmond Liberal Democrats are claiming a victory following the apparent conversion of the Tory administration to accepting the need for 20MPH on the borough’s residential roads.

At the recent meeting of council, Cllr Peter Buckwell appeared to signal that this would be the new Conservative policy, a move which was later reportedly supported by Cllr Paul Hodgins at the Kew Question Time event.


Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson Cllr Alex Ehmann said “In 2014 the Tories found themselves on the back foot, having recognised the popularity of the Lib Dems’ 20MPH pledge,  and came up with a policy of offering residents safer speeds in residential roads ‘only if they wanted it’. However in spite of many local residents asking for 20MPH in their roads the Tories broke their pledge.


“Now, scared of having their dismal records thrown back at them in next year’s elections they’ve had a deathbed conversion. They realise ours is the better, more sensible policy.” 


Cllr Ehmann went on to add ‘Cllr Hodgins appeared to suggest that residents could have 20MPH after May if the Conservatives are re-elected; but why wait? The Lib Dems haven’t changed our policy, we’ll introduce 20MPH if we take control in 2018. So I challenge Cllr Hodgins to put his money where his mouth is and start rolling out this policy now. He can start with all the residential roads whose occupants were conned into believing his party at the last election”

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