True to form bad losers

Lord True and Tories on Richmond Council have shown what graceless, poor losers they are by blocking a Liberal Democrat motion at full council which thanked Zac Goldsmith for his service as our local MP and congratulated Sarah Olney on her victory.

The motion also committed the council to cross party working with both of our local MPs, Sarah Olney and Tania Mathias, to oppose further expansion at Heathrow Airport.

Rather than support the motion, Tory councillors tabled an amendment which deleted every word in the motion other than “Council thanks Zac Goldsmith for his work as a constituency MP”.

Speaking after the meeting Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Richmond Council, Cllr Gareth Roberts, said “The Tories should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. No doubt they thought this was a terribly clever idea but all they’ve done is shown themselves to be appallingly bad losers.

The Liberal Democrats showed the way it should be done by tabling the motion to thank Zac Goldsmith for his service to the borough; we showed that we can recognise that there are matters which are above party politics.”

Unfortunately in their haste to stop any vote of congratulation to Sarah Olney, the Tories also destroyed the third part of the motion which affirmed the council’s commitment to working cross party against Heathrow.

Cllr Roberts added “The Tories really didn’t think this one through. Fortunately for them we don’t find ourselves bound by the narrow confines of council motions so of course we will continue to work with all parties, both political and non-political, to oppose Theresa May’s disastrous decision to expand Heathrow Airport”


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