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First an apology. You’ve been asking for more stonking Argentinian wines for ages, but finding them has been like panning for gold.The great news is I got a tip-off about a guy down in Mendoza making insanely good Malbec, and the long wait is over.Marcelo Bocardo’s tiny boutique winery is as far away from a wine-corp production line as it’s possible to getIf you’ve only ever drunk mass-produced Malbec that’s been oaked to within an inch of its life, Marcelo’s wines will be a revelation. They’re lighter, smoother, and moreish as hell, right down to the last sip.That’s because he lets the local vineyards do the talking in his kit. His organic grapes are grown in the oldest fine wine region in Mendoza, and his wines are crafted with as little oak or human jiggery-pokery as possible.Angels who’ve had a sneak taste of these wines have been raving about them on the site ever since

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