Twickenham Riverside Update

Following the Autumn 2019 public consultation, the Twickenham Riverside Design Panel is considering the public views and evaluating the shortlisted designs.  The winning architectural firm will be announced within a few months.  The Design Panel will then work with the winning architect to develop a final plan for the site.

A Liberal Democrat administration would not be limited by the planning permission which was granted to the Conservatives’ unpopular scheme.

A Liberal Democrat administration would seek a whole site solution, including taking steps to remove parking from the Riverside, creating a proper town square and giving the Diamond Jubilee Gardens the chance to shine.

A Liberal Democrat administration would work with the existing consultation results and continue a dialogue with local residents and representative groups to deliver a genuine heart for Twickenham.

A Liberal Democrat administration would aim to maximise the availability of affordable and social rented housing on site, ideally in accordance with the Council’s own policies.

A Liberal Democrat administration would lift the cloak of secrecy behind which the Conservatives have hidden for the past four years. Where possible we will seek to publish the full results of the consultations on the Council’s website, not just the selected highlights.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Cllr Gareth Roberts said “Anybody who has seen the chaos on Twickenham Riverside in recent weeks as a result of the high tides will realise how deeply flawed the Tory plans are. It was sheer folly that they pushed through their plans in spite of stark warnings from the Environment Agency, a folly compounded by their decision to lock the gates to the rear service road. The Tory plans would make that closure permanent; surely that deserves a second look?”

Cllr Roberts added “If residents want to see a different outcome on Twickenham Riverside from that being proposed by the Conservatives the only way to deliver that change is to vote Liberal Democrat.  If we take control of the council, on May 4th I will write to the Chief Executive of the Council requiring him to halt all work on the development. The Tory plan will be stopped.

Residents shouldn’t allow themselves to be scared of scaremongering by the Tories or their supporters that this will lead to years more delay. We won’t let that happen.

If elected a Liberal Democrat administration would deliver a better outcome for Twickenham Riverside.

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