Vince Cable backs Munira Wilson to be Twickenham's next MP

Vince Cable has completed his time as MP for Twickenham after Parliament dissolved ahead of the December 12 general election. 

Vince, who stood down as leader of the Liberal Democrats in the summer, has been our representative in Westminster for 20 of the last 22 years since he was first elected in 1997. 

Now he is backing senior businesswoman and local campaigner Munira Wilson to be Twickenham’s next MP. 

Vince said: “I’ve known Munira since she moved to our area back in 2005. She’s been a dedicated local councillor, she’s helped residents and improved road safety. I worked with her to help get the best for local people. 

“Her experience as a senior businesswoman and in the charity sector will be invaluable in Parliament. 

“Munira has been embedded in the local community for some time now. She was married in East Twickenham, her oldest child attends a school in Whitton and importantly she’s been campaigning on some of the most important local issues for some time — whether it’s opposing a third runway, improving local railway stations and services or making the case against Tory cuts to local police numbers. 

“As my time as an MP comes to an end, I do so safe in the knowledge that our party has selected an outstanding candidate to be the next MP for Twickenham. Let’s make it Munira at the general election.”

Munira has a track record of opposing local police cuts and Heathrow expansion, pushing for better local rail and bus services, as well as improving road safety in Twickenham. Munira, who has previously served as a councillor for West Twickenham, is a community champion who was described by the Richmond & Twickenham Times as a “fighting force”.

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