Vince Cable continues to push Richmond Council to end its ‘jobsworth’ approach of seeking to ration the amount of exercise on Twickenham Green

Twickenham MP Vince Cable has responded again to Richmond Council urging them to reconsider their current approach of seeking to cap the number of people who can use Twickenham Green for exercise.

Having approached Richmond Council Vince Cable Richmond Council are still stubbornly insisting on a cap of 20 people being able to take part in outdoor exercise run by the One Element Bootcamp.

Commenting on the continued stance of Richmond Council Vince Cable said:

“I find it quite unbelievable that the council is trying to ration the amount of exercise on Twickenham Green by local residents who cause no damage whatever to the surface and merely want to use part of the Green for a short period of outdoor exercise.

“The response I have so far received from the council demonstrates a ‘jobsworth’ approach and is simply pathetic.”

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