Where do the Conservatives really stand on a third Heathrow runway? - Vince Cable

Responding to the Conservative manifesto pledge to deliver the 3rd runway at Heathrow, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Vince Cable has challenged his Conservative opponent, a supposedly ardent critic of Heathrow expansion to explain why she is being backed by the Conservative Party.


Vince Cable said:

"The Conservatives from their leader down have cemented their commitment to building the third runway at Heathrow in their manifesto, ignoring the warnings from health organisations concerned about air pollution and everyone else who says that there are far better alternatives.

“At the same time the Conservative manifesto doesn’t even mention Crossrail 2, which is a vital transport project much needed to help long suffering commuters in south west London.

“It seems the Conservatives are obsessed with more planes over Twickenham and opposed to better train services.

“No one, including Theresa May, has any idea how much the real cost of a third Heathrow runway will be, or how they will keep air quality within legal limits.

“Conservative supporters across Twickenham and indeed the country must be baffled by the claims by some Conservative parliamentary candidates that they are supposedly opposed to a third Heathrow runway when it is written in black and white that it will be delivered in their manifesto.”


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