Affordable Homes

23 Jan 2023
New Homes [Image: Tim Prater]

We all know there is a housing crisis and there are many families in our Borough living in temporary accommodation with little security or stability.

We are committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing. One of the latest applications for the former Greggs Bakery site has 50% genuinely affordable housing, which will make a real difference providing homes for more than 50 low-income families.

Cllr Alan Juriansz says:

“We are very pleased to see an application come forward for this site with this level of social housing but we still have to ensure any detrimental effects on the neighbouring community are minimised and benefits are maximised.” 

“We are scrutinising the plans and hope that conditions are applied to ensure the development is welcomed by everyone.” 

Residents can  view and comment on the Planning Applications at