Our Councillors

For the Liberal Democrats, local government is key – localism, community politics, and a real commitment to devolved power are all hallmarks of the Liberal Democrat approach. We pride ourselves on working hard “all year round, not just at election time”.

The Liberal Democrats have 49 of 54 Councillors on Richmond Council, please find their contact details below.

The Greens have five councillors and the Conservatives one Councillor, every ward has at least one Liberal Democrat representative


Councillor Andy Hale - cllr.a.hale@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Marjory Millum - cllr.m.millum@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Fiona Sacks - cllr.f.sacks@richmond.gov.uk

East Sheen

Councillor Julia Cambridge - Cllr.J.Cambridge@Richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Margaret Dane - cllr.m.dane@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Zoe McLeod - cllr.z.mcleod@richmond.gov.uk

Fullwell and Hampton HIll

Councillor Jonathan Cardy - Cllr.J.Cardy@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Matthew Hull - cllr.m.hull@richmond.gov.uk

HPRR Councillors

Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside

Councillor Penelope Frost - Cllr.P.Frost@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Gareth Richards - cllr.g.richards@richmond.gov.uk 

Hampton Councillors


Councillor Gareth Roberts - Cllr.G.Roberts@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Sam Dalton - Cllr.S.Dalton@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Suzette Nicholson - Cllr.S.Nicholson@richmond.gov.uk

Hampton North Councillors

Hampton North

Councillor Carey Bishop - cllr.c.bishop@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Jeremy Davis - cllr.j.davis@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Elizabeth Gant - cllr.e.gant@richmond.gov.uk


Hampton Wick Councillors

Hampton Wick and South Teddington

Councillor Robin Brown - cllr.r.brown@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Petra Fleming - Cllr.Petra.Fleming@richmond.gov.uk 

 Councillor Jim Millard - cllr.j.millard@richmond.gov.uk

Heathfield Councillors


Councillor John Coombs -  Cllr.j.Coombs@richmond.gov.uk 

Councillor Lesley Pollesche - cllr.l.pollesche@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Michael Wilson - cllr.m.wilson@richmond.gov.uk


Councillor Alice Bridges-Westcott - cllr.a.bridges-westcott@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Ian Craigie - cllr.i.craigie@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Clare Vollum - cllr.c.vollum@richmond.gov.uk

MBC Councillors

Mortlake and Barnes Common

Councillor Anton McNulty-Howard - cllr.a.mcnulty-howard@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Tony Paterson - cllr.t.paterson@richmond.gov.uk

North Richmond

Councillor Nancy Baldwin - cllr.n.baldwin@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Richard Pyne - cllr.r.pyne@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Richard Warren - cllr.r.warren@richmond.gov.uk

South Richmond Councillors

South Richmond

Councillor Chris Varley - cllr.c.varley@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Paulina Vassileva - cllr.p.vassileva@richmond.gov.uk


South Twickenham

Councillor Michael Butlin - cllr.m.butlin@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Rhi Lee - cllr.r.lee@richmond.gov.uk

SMNT Councillors

St Margarets and North Twickenham

Councillor Alexander Ehmann - Cllr.A.Ehmann@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Ben Khosa - Cllr.B.Khosa@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Katie Mansfield - cllr.k.mansfield@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Richard Baker - Cllr.R.Baker@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Charlie Engel - Cllr.C.Engel@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Phil Giesler - cllr.p.giesler@richmond.gov.uk 

Teddington Councillors

Twickenham Riverside

Councillor James Chard - cllr.j.chard@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Julia Neden-Watts - cllr.j.neden-watts@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Stephen O'Shea - cllr.s.oshea@richmond.gov.uk

West Twickenham Councillors

West Twickenham

Councillor Piers Allen - Cllr.P.Allen@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Alan Juriansz - cllr.a.juriansz@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Laura O'Brien - cllr.l.obrien@richmond.gov.uk


Councillor Jo Humphreys - cllr.j.humphreys@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Rob O`Carroll - cllr.r.ocarroll@richmond.gov.uk

Councillor Kuldev Sehra - cllr.k.sehra@richmond.gov.uk

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